Xplova E7 Serie E


Smart Cycling Computer
Xplova E7 is a lightweight, large-screen, stylish GPS Cycling Computer for performance driven cyclists and those who are keen to share their cycling journeys with friends. With the built in Bluetooth Low Energy, it allows the Xplova E7 connects to Xplova Meetup APP for Live Tracking, Smart Sign Guidance and syncs the real time cycling data to http://tour.xplova.com/ for activity analysis and statistics.

Xplova Smart Dynamic Logging Technology
With Xplova Smart Dynamic Logging Technology, Xplova E7 automatically tracks speed, distance, time, location, calories, temperature, elevation, total climb, slope using a high sensitivity GPS and barometer. By adding an ANT+ compatible Heart Rate Monitor, Speed/Cadence Combo Sensor or compatible Power Meter, Xplova E7 becomes a training companion which dutifully records every detail of your ride. All these recorded activities can be uploaded to http://tour.xplova.com/ for performance analysis, off-line competition, mapping and sharing.

Ease of Use
Xplova E7 features a large-screen display which shows 7 cycling data simultaneously. No more are complicated button combinations required to see dedicated cycling data while riding; instead, intuitive

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